Glide Memorial Church “Fresh Fish Fridays” thanks to donations from Pioneer

Glide Memorial Church Newsletter showing the article about Pioneer Seafood. We are so grateful for the wonderful article that Glide Memorial Church wrote about Pioneer Seafoods. When we go out fishing, we always save a bunch of fish for Glide Memorial to serve in their kitchen. They tell us that "Fresh Fish Fridays" is now their most popular meals for feeding the disadvantaged local people in San Francisco. Click Here to read the full article.

Videos of How to Fillet Fresh Fish

Captain Guiseppe Pennisi shows you the easy way to fillet different varieties of fish.  He uses a long fillet knife, but the Captain told me that using a knife with a wider blade can also work, and might make it easier to follow the bones when you are just learning the technique. Please make sure your knife is sharp, and be very careful not to cut towards your hand!   Safety first! How to Fillet a Ling Cod the easy way. How to Fillet a Rock Fish like a Bocaccio, fast and easy. How to Fillet a Flat Fish like Petrale Sole

Seafood sales finally under way at Fisherman’s Wharf

Source: San Francisco Chronicle For the first time in almost two decades, a fisherman sold fish straight from his boat at Fisherman’s Wharf. Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi sold about 230 pounds of rockfish, petrale sole and other fish from his boat on Saturday and Sunday, making him the first to take part in a pilot program at the Port of San Francisco that allows fishermen to sell directly to retail customers from their boats. David and Evelyn Riley of Fremont were the first customers to stroll up Saturday to Pennisi’s boat, the Pioneer, which was docked on Pier 47 near Scoma’s Restaurant. They took home about 11 pounds of petrale sole and 8 pounds of [...]

Buy fish fresh off The Pioneer boat at Pier 47 Sunday 10/29

Fresh Fish sale Sunday 10/29 from The Pioneer boat docked at Pier 47 at the San Francisco Wharf. Fresh Fish Sale direct off the boat at Pier 47 starting 7am Sunday 10/29 and continuing until we sell out! Look for the banner over our boat -The Pioneer! We will have: Chilipepper Rockfish, Petrale Sole, Sand Dabs, Widow Rockfish, Skates, Flag Rockfish, Green Spots, Green Stripes, Starry Rockfish and some Ling Cod! We are always happy to meet fish lovers, and we look forward to showing you our beautiful sustainably harvested catch!

Sea Lion Swims in the Fishing Net

This video was shot during while trawling a highly modified net. GoPro Hero3 and 4's were used along with extreme depth camera housings/lights manufactured by This net was made specifically to sort juvenile fish from mature fish. This selection process reduces by-catch to virtually nothing. Of all the fish that you see coming into the net (overall about 50K lbs), only 10% were kept (bigger mature), while the others swam through the net unscathed. Furthermore, this new design reduces bottom contact by 95%. In this experiment, the trawler made 10 passes with the new net. A ROV was then deployed to record the damage. Several times, the ROV crew had to double check [...]

Salty Girl Seafood has a great story

Salty Girl Seafood is an all women seafood company and some of the fish they buy comes from an all women fishing vessel the F/V Princess. CLICK HERE to read their story.

Ray Hilborn: World fish stocks stable

By Brian Hagenbuch Published on June 12, 2017 Speaking at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit on Wednesday, 7 June in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., University of Washington fisheries researcher Ray Hilborn said the perception that the world’s fish stocks are declining is incorrect, and that fishing could sustainably be stepped up in areas with good management. Hilborn pointed to figures from the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database that indicate that fish stocks dipped through the last part of the 20th century, but have since recovered in many fisheries. “There is a very broad perception that fish stocks around the world are declining. Many news coverages in the media will always begin with ‘fish stocks in the [...]

RESULTS of Public Meeting regarding retail fish sales off boats at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Pioneer Seafoods has been diligently working to bring back direct sales of fish off it's boat at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Participants at this meeting included fishing boat operators, fish processors, fishing harbors, State of California regulators, and City & County of San Francisco regulators, Port of San Francisco staff, and other interested parties. The results of this meeting, seen in the Meeting Minutes below, is that Port staff will use the information from the prior program of 1999 and the input from the meeting to draft a staff report. The draft report will be shared with us in mid-June. The earliest the Port would seek approval of a new Retail Fish [...]