Fresh Fish for Sale in San FranciscoWe use our Google calendar to let you know when we are going fishing and when we will be coming in with fish.  Click on the title of the event listed in the calendar below to see all of the details. Due to many variables of weather and getting an observer on board, etc. please check this calendar to see if there are any last minute changes before making plans.  Note that you can add our google calendar events to YOUR google calendar and see those upcoming events automatically.

We also list our events on our Facebook page and below as text.
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Howdy one and all! We would like to go out for halibut.

We would like to get a list of pre-orders going so please text Joeleen at 831-917-9407 if you are interested in fresh halibut.

For Filleting advice, please check our YouTubeVideos:
How to Fillet a Ling Code Video:
How to Fillet a Petrale Sole:

Please Follow our Facebook Page and this Calendar page for updates on fish availability.

Keep checking here and Facebook to see when we will be able to go out again.