Videos of How to Fillet Fresh Fish

November 13th, 2017|

Captain Guiseppe Pennisi shows you the easy way to fillet different varieties of fish.  He uses a long fillet knife, but the Captain told me that using a knife with a wider blade can also work, and might make it easier to follow the bones when you are just learning the technique. Please make sure [...]


June 1st, 2017|

You'll find this Oven-Fried Fish recipe surprisingly tasty and crunchy. It's a delicious preparation that will please the fish lovers in your family and it's ready in 30 minutes. OVEN-FRIED FISH - - butter or margarine melted, large eggs beaten, milk or water, ALBERS® Yellow Corn Meal, all-purpose flour, paprika, garlic powder, fresh or frozen white [...]


June 1st, 2017|

The general rule of thumb is to cook fish at 400F/200C for 10 minutes per 1 inch/2.5 cm thickness (measured at the thickest part of the fish). However this recipe calls for the fish to be cooked for 6 minutes 30 seconds in total because the heat from the fry pan continues to cook the bottom [...]

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