The Pennisi family has a long tradition of fishing and has been trawling in the waters off of California for sustainably caught seafood since the early 1900s.

Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi started fishing in California when he was seven years old. Beginning his career working on his father’s boats, he has made a career fishing everywhere from Monterey to the Bering Sea. In 2000 he purchased his boat the Pioneer and launched Pioneer Seafoods.

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Trawl Innovations

Pioneer Seafoods has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to modify and enhance our trawling gear. This is has culminated in the development of Pioneer’s “light touch” trawl gear. By modifying the weight and size of our nets, this trawl gear barely touches the seafloor. We estimate that these modifications reduce bottom contact by about 95 percent. Sustainably Caught Seafood is essential to preserving Earth’s ocean ecosystems.

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Pioneer Seafood and Guiseppe Pennisi featured on an SF Bus

Pioneer Seafood & Guiseppe on the side of a Bus!

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Pioneer Seafoods and Guiseppe Pennisi are Sustaining the Seas

Hauling a a full net of fish

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Pioneer at Scomas Dock

Oceanna Visitors on Board

Sorting Fish

Pioneer Fish on deck

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Big Blue Live, Episode 2

Aired on PBS, September 1, 2015. (Fast forward to 45:54 for the segment on Monterey’s commercial fisheries and Giuseppe’s innovative trawl gear).

“Gear Workshop Highlights Innovators in West Coast Fishery”

By Shems Jud. EDFish Blog.

“The West Coast Groundfish Recovery: The Best Fish News You Haven’t Heard Yet”

By Maria Finn. Civil Eats.

“Monterey Bay Fisherman Experiments with Nets”

By Erin E. Ross. The Californian.


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