The People’s Fisherman Article Tells the Pioneer Seafoods Story

Another great article has been published about Pioneer Seafoods and the challenges of being a commercial fisherman in California.  Some interesting excerpts include: “Fishing is not a job,” he said. “You can’t call it a job. I mean, this is a way of life. This is something that has to come from your soul.” Pennisi’s dedication to the industry has made the FV Pioneer one of the last surviving trawlers on the West Coast. An article published by the Environmental Defense Fund stated that by the 1980’s, too many boats were chasing too few fish. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that catches along the coast had decreased from a 20-year average of [...]

Pioneer Seafoods on Google 3D Virtual Reality Video

Pioneer Seafoods and Capt. Giuseppe Pennisi are featured in a 360 degree virtual reality video that Google made called:  "Ocean to Plate: A Journey Into the Seafood Supply Chain" This video is designed for use with a virtually reality headset like Google DayDream, but if you watch it on the link below, you can click the little controller at the top left corner and see a 360 degree view of that part of the scene.  It's really cool.   Check it out! Click Here to see the Video about Pioneer Seafoods role in the Seafood Supply Chain. It’s estimated that around 35% of harvested fish and seafood is lost or wasted somewhere between when [...]

Pioneer Seafood featured in San Jose Mercury News

Pioneer Seafoods was featured in a very good article entitled "Coming to a menu near you - groundfish? in the Mercury News in April 2019.This article talks about how the west coast fisheries have recovered, but the market for these delicious groundfish like Rockfish, Lingcod, Petrale Sole and others has greatly diminished because of lack of availability.   Now that great quality, super fresh, local and sustainably caught fish are becoming available again, we need to remind restaurants and shoppers of the tasty, healthy protein source that they may not think of.Here is a quote from the article:“San Francisco used to be the hub of the West Coast fishing industry,” said Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi, the [...]

Was Your Seafood Caught With Slave Labor?

A very interesting article appeared on the website:   "Was Your Seafood Caught With Slave Labor? New Database Helps Retailers Combat Abuse" This article discusses the use of virtual slave labor in places like Thailand to catch the fish that we end up eating here in the US and world wide.  Here is an excerpt: The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, known best for its red, yellow and green sustainable seafood-rating scheme, is unveiling its first Seafood Slavery Risk Tool on Thursday. It's a database designed to help corporate seafood buyers assess the risk of forced labor, human trafficking and hazardous child labor in the seafood they purchase. The tool's release comes on the heels [...]

Pioneer Seafood featured in article about the Modern Seafood Market

The website ran a story on February 22, 2019 entitled, Fishmongering and fearmongering in Australia's modern seafood market.   Interestingly, this article uses Pioneer Seafood as an example of the benefits of allowing fishermen to sell directly to public. It also discusses the false impression that fishing is not sustainable when properly managed. Some selected highlights from the article include: Mr Davies’ report revealed that one area affecting the industry’s social license to operate is the growing disconnect between perception and reality of the seafood industry, particularly regarding the issue of fish stocks and overfishing. “The seafood industry can only be economically sustainable if it is environmentally sustainable. This is good news for [...]

Valuable insights to a fishing industry moving into the future

New Times SLO provides a detailed look at the local fishing industry, with firsthand accounts from deckhands providing valuable insights to the real state of fishing off the California coast, compared to things people might find frightening in the global fishing industry. Check it out HERE And watch our callendar, Facebook page, and local news to keep up with dockside sales of Pioneer Seafoods sustainably caught local fish!

Pioneering the Waters in etc magazine

Pioneer Seafoods was featured in an article in etc Magazine! Learn about the challenges of the permitting problems to be a fisherman and see a good explanation about the revolutionary new technology invented by Guiseppe Pennisi to reduce bycatch, release juvenile fish and avoid contact with the ocean bottom. Click here to read the article. Or see it embedded on the page below.

Glide Memorial Church “Fresh Fish Fridays” thanks to donations from Pioneer

Glide Memorial Church Newsletter showing the article about Pioneer Seafood. We are so grateful for the wonderful article that Glide Memorial Church wrote about Pioneer Seafoods. When we go out fishing, we always save a bunch of fish for Glide Memorial to serve in their kitchen. They tell us that "Fresh Fish Fridays" is now their most popular meals for feeding the disadvantaged local people in San Francisco. Click Here to read the full article.

Videos of How to Fillet Fresh Fish

Captain Guiseppe Pennisi shows you the easy way to fillet different varieties of fish.  He uses a long fillet knife, but the Captain told me that using a knife with a wider blade can also work, and might make it easier to follow the bones when you are just learning the technique. Please make sure your knife is sharp, and be very careful not to cut towards your hand!   Safety first! How to Fillet a Ling Cod the easy way. How to Fillet a Rock Fish like a Bocaccio, fast and easy. How to Fillet a Flat Fish like Petrale Sole

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