Pioneer Seafoods and Capt. Giuseppe Pennisi are featured in a 360 degree virtual reality video that Google made called:  “Ocean to Plate: A Journey Into the Seafood Supply Chain”

This video is designed for use with a virtually reality headset like Google DayDream, but if you watch it on the link below, you can click the little controller at the top left corner and see a 360 degree view of that part of the scene.  It’s really cool.   Check it out!

Click Here to see the Video about Pioneer Seafoods role in the Seafood Supply Chain.

It’s estimated that around 35% of harvested fish and seafood is lost or wasted somewhere between when it’s caught and when it appears on your plate. As part of the Daydream Impact program, the World Wildlife Fund and Condition One brought this journey to life through a virtual reality documentary showing how fish get from Ocean to Plate. Short of actually being on a fishing boat or in a processing plant, there’s no better way to understand the fishing industry supply chain and its impact on our oceans.